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  • Painted pottery refers to the polished orange-red pottery blank, depicted with natural mineral pigments, ochre and manganese oxide as color elements, and then fired in a kiln. On the orange-red carcass presents a beautiful pattern of ochre red, black, white, and various colors, forming a pottery with a high degree of unity between the pattern and the shape of the utensil, and achieving the decorative and beautifying effect.

  • Painted ceramics, also known as post-fired painted pottery, are ceramic works of art with a long history. Refers to the pottery painted on the surface after the pottery tire is fired, unlike the painted pottery painted on the pottery, the color material and the green body are pressed together, and the faience is roasted at high temperature, the pigment of the painted pottery is not firmly adhered, and the pattern is easy to fall off when it is wet or water. Painted pottery began in the late Neolithic period, commonly used colors are red, black, yellow, white, ochre, etc., the color is gorgeous, because the painting is no longer burned, so the painting is very easy to wear and fall off.

  • LED vase is an ornament made of LED lighting combined with artistic ceramic craftsmanship. Very enjoyable! Modern porcelain carving new technology Modern porcelain carving technology, on the basis of traditional craftsmanship, integrates Chinese and Western painting and video art, combined with jade carving, lacquer carving and other folk crafts, has carried out a bold reform on the knife, can be any shape, any creative concept on the material carrier, some bulb carving technology is thus evolved, porcelain hollow carving technology has also evolved.

  • LED ornaments are made of a combination of craft ceramics and LED lights. Using modern pottery technology, a variety of exquisite ceramic products can be carved, which are more ornamental, decorated and relaxed.

  • LED ceramic ornaments are carved with white porcelain clay with good light transmittance, coupled with traditional and superb craftsmanship. Its ornamental properties are better. Suitable for interior decoration embellishments.

  • Gift ceramics, the symbol of Chinese civilization, has become an important category of modern family and business gifts, using ceramics as gift elements to carry friendship and transmit culture.