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What are the types of ceramic handicrafts?

Crafts come from life, but create value higher than life. Ceramic is exquisite and has a warm luster. It is a common decoration in many families in ancient times. Now, a ceramic decoration with a sense of age is still very popular. In modern times, ceramics are used to make various ceramic handicrafts, and the shape has become rich. What are the types of ceramic handicrafts?

1. Vases: vases are more traditional and classic, but this vase is not an ordinary flower vase, but a colorful pattern after firing and polishing, and then painting. Dragon and phoenix and beautiful flower patterns are one of its main shapes, and modern times will also draw some lovely animal shapes, beautiful landscape paintings, or Nordic style carved flowers on the vases.

2. Couple ornaments: Couple ornaments are common in many families or newlyweds' homes, implying a happy family. The ceramic couple ornaments are also very popular. For example, the lovely couple dolls are painted in bright colors to make them more lively. The vivid little dolls placed in the home add a sense of romance.

3. Jewelry: ceramics can not only be made into ornaments at home, but also into jewelry. Ceramic jewelry may not be common, but it is also very beautiful to add to jewelry.

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