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Which is better, white porcelain or yellow porcelain?

Both white porcelain and yellow porcelain have their own characteristics. The choice of handicraft depends on your personal preference and use.

White porcelain is a kind of ceramic made of kaolin as the main raw material. It is named for its fine texture and white color. It is usually lighter and more transparent than yellow porcelain, and it is easier to color or paint patterns. Because of its smooth surface, it can well present details and textures.

Yellow porcelain is a kind of pottery made of clay as the main raw material. It is named for its warm yellow color. Compared with white porcelain, it is thicker, stronger and has a natural texture. Other materials such as sand will also be added to enhance durability during the production process.

In general, both can reach a very high level and have different styles in terms of decoration. If you want an elegant and simple appearance, you should choose white porcelain; If you need a strong and durable but also beautiful and atmospheric object, you should choose yellow porcelain.

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