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Features of Dehua ceramic technology?

Dehua Ceramics has the following characteristics:

1. Pure white glaze: The glaze color of Dehua white porcelain is different from that of other white porcelain in that it turns yellow in white. Its glaze color is a kind of pure white, which is divided into ivory white, scallion root white, lard white, children's red, etc., and is also called Chinese white by the French.

2. It feels like jade_ Dehua white porcelain has dense matrix, high transparency, white glaze, warm and moist color like jade, and congealed like jade, which achieves the effect of people's pursuit of jade texture for porcelain.

3. Abundant types: Dehua white porcelain has many types, such as candlesticks, incense burners and other furnishings, lions, vases, terracotta figures, etc., as well as plates, bowls, cups and other daily utensils.

Dehua white porcelain refers to the white porcelain fired in Dehua porcelain kiln, and Dehua kiln is named after the location of the kiln in Dehua County. Dehua white porcelain was first fired in the Song Dynasty and flourished in the Yuan and Ming dynasties. It is not only a famous variety of white porcelain, but also a symbol of porcelain.

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